CHARM Unisex Thermal Stomach Wrap Haramaki - Belly Warmer Mens Womens Maternity Belt

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  • 95% Rayon, 5% Polyurethane

  • IMPROVES CIRCULATION AND STRENGTHENS IMMUNE SYSTEM - Our ‘Haramaki’ stomach band is designed to maintain your stomach and core temperature, therefore strengthening your immune system. As well as a stronger immune system, the belly band encourages improved blood flow to circulate to your vital organs. Happy body healthy life!

  • MADE WITH NASA DEVELOPED FABRIC - Of course not all of us are going to have a career out in space, but you can take one small leap for mankind instead with this belly warmer. It is designed to absorb and release heat in response to outside temperatures, the same material used in space suits! Although the material may be thin, this creates less bulking in the midsection but still warms sufficiently

  • ADDED SUPPORT AND COMFORT FOR WOMEN - At the rate that a woman’s stomach grows with pregnancy, it takes a toll not only on her skin but her organs and lower back as well. This stomach wrap provides that extra support to this very vulnerable area. Elasticated, it fits most body sizes - 68 - 100cm / 27 - 45inches

  • HELPS WITH ABDOMINAL & PERIOD PAIN - Are you one of those very lucky people who often get stomach pain or every month when shark week begins, your pms and menstrual pain cause you grief? Our stomach wrap can help soften the blow of monthly pain and stomach irritations by warming the area, providing relief

  • PROTECT YOUR STOMACH AND KIDNEYS - With winter coming up, the abdominal area is significantly weak against low temperatures. Encouraging an increase of blood flow, efficient digestion and shielding your kidneys from the change in weather will also help keep you at optimal health

  • CHARM Unisex Thermal Stomach Wrap Haramaki - Belly Warmer Mens Womens Maternity Belt